2006 Music Playlists

Hello Everyone and welcome to the New Year!
The theme song heard each week is called "Journey"; it is by Stephen "Standing Owl".  For many years I searched for "Just the right song" to open my show with. Stephen came to visit with Howard Lyons and at the time was quite quiet! Some time after Stephen recorded "Night Flight" & appeared on "Echoes in the Wind". We talked on-air and he played a couple of songs along with a couple of tracks from his CD.
I heard his version of "Journey" and it touched me. I asked Standing Owl if I could continue to use the song to start my journey each week through the wonderful world of Native American music & stories. I still love the song after hearing it many, many times. Thank you Stephen for sharing the beautiful music from inside of you!
Another programming note - Each week at 11:30am listen to current news from KUAC
(resuming weekly in June)


May 22nd, 2006
Hi Everyone! My apologies for getting behind on the playlists. Instead of trying to get caught up, I am going to start with today's date!

Bill Miller concert - Laconia High School Friday night (May 26th, 6:30PM) Laconia, NH FMI: email me
Thank you to the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College for tickets to Pamyua!
Congratulations to Arnie and Jane married on Indian Island May 21, 2006

May 22, 2006
Keith Secola - Kokopelli Blues
Tha' Tribe - Traditional Ojibway Women's song
Darryl Purpose & Julie Beaver - The Ghost of Crazy Horse
Keith Secola - This Land
Stephen Standing Owl (Opening for Bill Miller Friday night) - Back to the Falls - Face the Blues
Mary Youngblood - Wind Whispers
John Trudaell - One Journey
Keith Secola - Love, From Vegas
Arigon Starr- Mexican Souvenirs
Tha' Tribe - Fancy Dance
Keith Secola - NDN KRZ '49
Arigon Starr - Please Do not touch the Indians
Indiens - Lakota Fashion
Georgie Jessup - Pops Journey Home
John Trudell - Spectator
Young Bird - Canyon Records song
Bill Miller - I Believe
Georgie Jessup - Back Against the Wall
Keith Secola - Do a Little Dance
Mary Youngblood - Find the song
Arigon Starr - The Menu Song
Young Bird - Doin' it Young Bird Style

April 3, 2006
"Alamoosic Lake"
Performed in house! Many thanks to Dom Polchies and his son David and Robert Joseph
FMI: Contact me at info@echoesinthewind.com

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March 27, 2006

March 20, 2006
Thank you Kelsey for filling while I took some needed R & R!
She did a great show!

March 6 & 13, 2005
All Women's music in honor of Women's History month
Playlists to come

February 27, 2006
"Sacred Run" Special
February 20, 2006
Young Bird - My Little Butterfly
Johnny Whitehorse - Fear the Colt
A. Paul Ortega - What is an Indian
Wabanag - Free Land of Humans
Alamoosic Lake - Napayapon
R. Carlos Nakai and Keola Beamer - The Beautiful World
Pamyua - Inngernea; Mystery
Jay Begaye - Saving Dookoosliid
Pamyua - Similar Realities
Rolfe Richter - Little Eagles
Pamyua - Crane
Martha Redbone - Mama
Ulali - All My Relations
Stephen Standing Owl - Night Flight

February 13, 2006
Northern Wind - When we hear our Drum Sound
Martha Redbone - Medicine Man
Robbie Robertson - Sacrifice
Sharon Burch Welcome Home
Alamoosic Lake featuring Robert Joseph - Doin Da Dishes
Mary Youngblood - She Watches Them Play
Laughing woman and Eagles Wings - One Day the Eagle will Come
Burning Sky - Dog Soldiers
Keith Secola - Plane Anxiety
Wabanag - In My Village
Keith Secola - Without Heart
Wabanag - You Are Strong
Redspins - Lakota Fashion
Alamoosic Lake/Dom Polchies - Get-er-dun
Redspins - Run
Nadjiwan - Teach Me
Redspins - track#6

January 30, 2006
Alamoosic Lake - Bear Ridge Boogie
Brule' - Stomp Dance
Jim Boyd - Unity
George Leach - Sand in the Wind
Quiltman - Mornings Wings
Alamoosic Lake - Nipayapon
George Leach - On My Mind
Kashtin - Akua Tuta
Martha Redbone - Talk About It
Joseph Fire Crow - The Nature of
George Leach - Cross Roads
Redspins - Lakota Fashion
Carlos Reynosa - Crying Lady
Stephen Standing Owl - Earth Renewed
Russell Means - Seattle
Young Grey Horse - Tyme Travelin'

January 23, 2006
Wade Fernandez - Mosquito
Bear Creek - It's been so Long
A. Paul Ortega - The Sunset
Wade Fernandez - Commodity Cheese Blues
Burning Sky - Spirits in the Wind
Blackfoot Confederacy - Sneak Up
Wade Fernandez - A Fools Gold
Jay Begaye - Purple Horizon
Red Rhythm Band - Still the One
Wade Fernandez - Plight of Kenew (Eagle)
Quiet Hawk - Gluskabe & the Maple Syrup (a story)
Medicine Dream - The Ancestor Song
Esther Bear - Peaceful River

JANUARY 16, 2006
Bill Miller - Red Sky Red Heart
Mary Youngblood - Sacred Place
Unami - All the Water Gives;
- Close Your Eyes (Last Song of the Warrior)
Antara - Takirari de Verano
Roger Brown - Honor Song
Joseph Fire Crow - Two Voices
Bill Miller - 1st Dream
Burning Sky - Spirits in the Wind
Mary Youngblood - Destiny
Brule' - At Peace
Clan/destine - Rez Dawgs
Medicine Dream - Missing You
Esther Bear(sung in Mohawk) - Lord is my Shepard
Jeff Ball - Take it as it Comes
Mary Youngblood - Search for Warmth
Burning Sky - Wind & Steel
John Trudell - One Journey
Andrew Vasquez - Moon Dancer

JANUARY 9, 2006
Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing - Passage(Prelude); Across the Sky
Murielle Hamilton - Welcome Home
Gene Tagaban - Childhood Friends 49 (From "The Business of Fancydancing" soundtrack)
Sayani - The Heart of the Tree
Poem - "Fire Voices"
Standing Owl - On the Trail
The Fire this Time -
John Trudell - Raptor
Chester Knight - Take Me Back
Pappy Johns Band - Time to Believe
John Trudell - The Voices Said
Carlos Reynosa - My Brother
Wade Fernandez - Cages
Pappy Johns Band - Let's Just Do
Evan Lee - Answer
Wade Fernandez - Bonus Material

January 2, 2006
Chester Mahooty - Zuni Sunrise Song
Walela - Cherokee Morning Song
John Trudell - One Journey
Bunny Sings Wolf - Wild Mountain Climb
Pappy Johns Band - Little White Lies
Burning Sky - Hand in Hand
John Trudell - There's Nothing Wrong with Us
Northern Wind - Get Up
Pappy Johns Band - Time Will Come
Joseph Bruchac - Salmon Boy (story-Haida)
No Reservations - River Inside
From "Voices of Katahdin" - Wedding Dance
Wade Fernandez - Honor Song
No Reservations - For the People
Indigenous - C'mon Suzie
Pappy Johns Band - Time to Believe
John Trudell - Baby Doll Blues
Indigenous - What You Do to Me
Coalition - Mother