Playlists - October 13th
2003 to  April 12th 2004
Archives 2002-2003
Opening theme song is by Stephen Standing Owl "Journey"

APRIL 18 & 19
Sherman Alexie in Maine!
(See Feb. 23, below)

April 5, 2004
Kevin Locke - It's Hard to be an Indian
Storm Seymour - Talking Leaves
Tha' Tribe - Wit' Tha Quickness
Spirit Wind - Ancient Wisdom
WAR Party - Just ain't right
Lisa LaRue & John Timothy - Red Tail
Burning Sky - Little Wing
Mike Trailwalker Wilson - Frybread Boogie
Jim Pepper - Legacy of the Flying Eagle
Joseph M. Marshall III - Keep Going
WAR Party - Feelin' Reserved
Independent Native News
Rocking Horse - Lost My Way
Coyote Zen - Feed the Fire
Evren Ozan - Nebula

April 12, 2004
Sharon Burch - Corn Song
Mary Youngblood - Long, Long Road
Youngbird - Overdrive
Kevin Locke - Morning Star
Shouting Mountain - Heal it all

March 29, 2004

Mary Youngblood - Passions to Ingnite
Mankillers - Honor Song
Walela - I have no Indian Name
Arigon Starr - Stuck in Time
Cherokee Rose - Deep in a Dream
Bertha Little Coyote - Lullaby
Martha Redbone - Perfect Life
Hearts of the Nations 1997 - Moon of the Singing Frogs
Walela - Tell them they Lie
Annie Humphrey - Edge of America
Yolanda Martinez - Sisiters
Joanne Shenandoah - Mother of Nations

March 22, 2004

Mary Youngblood - And We Shall Fly
Martha Redbone - Heaven
Arigon Starr - Indian Land Forever
Radmilla Cody - America the Beautiful
An Anishinaabe Story - Amik (Beaver)
Sharon Burch - Welcome Home
Living Voices - Marilyn St. Germaine
Lucie Idlout - Honestly
Geraldine Barney - Glitter Nights
Shouting Mountain - Firewalker
Jay Harjo - Remember
Nellie Youpee - The Corn is my Pleasure
Independent Native News
Delphine Tsnajinnie -
Annie Humphrey - Storm
Ulali - Friend in Need
Arigon Starr - My Heart is on the Ground
Joanne Shenandoah - Path of Beauty

March 18, 2004

Chenoah - Prayer Song/Mom & Dad
Walela - Wash Your Spirit Clean
Susan Aglukark - Artic Rose
Ulali - Necklace of Broken Hearts
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Until it's time for you to go
Little Otter - Jingle Dress/Side Step Song
Gen Huitt - Diet or Fry It
Joy Harjo - She Had Some Horses
Wayquay - Prophecy Walk
Samantha Rainbow - Free
Mary Youngblood - And We Shall Dance
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Disinformation
Mary Louise Defender Wilson - The First Flute Was Used For Courting (story)
Niko Black - Burning City
Independent Native News 3-15-04
Qua ti si - Shad 'a' Ge'
Susan Aglukark - Learn To Love Yourself
Sherry Marquelle - Takin' Back My Heart
LaRae Wiley - Spider
Mary Youngblood - Dream with Me

March 8, 2004

Cherokee Rose - Desire
LaRae Wiley - Kelly Hill
Ulali - Rattle Songs
Joy Harjo - Creation Story
Star Nayea - Fly to You
Aboriginal Women's Voices 1997 - Blessing Song (from Hearts of the Nations)
Mary Youngblood - Winthin My Heart
Mary Louise Defender Wilson - How Snake Creek Came To Be (a story)
Joy Harjo - Woman Hanging From the Thirteenth Floor
Yolanda Martinez - Sisters
Annie Humphrey - Father in a Bottle
Radmilla Cody - Seed of Life
Martha Redbone - Underdog
Independent Native News 3/08/04
Annie Humphrey - Nightmares and the American Dream
Ulali - Museum Cases
RedHawk - Thunder in the River
Mary Youngblood - Above the Mother Earth

Listen for your favorite women singing
traditional, contemporary, jazz, rock, rap (& much more!) Also featured will be flute,  stories & interviews
We will feature a different opening song for the whole month of March.

March 1, 2004

Sharon Burch - We Are Here
Joanne Shenandoah - The Good Message
Annie Humphrey - D.N.A.
Mary Youngblood - The Offering
Mankillers (Women's Drum) - Honor Song
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Old Mans Lament
Gen Huitt - Bear Nation
Star Nayea - If I Want To
Martha Redbone - Boyfriend
Joy Harjo - Fear
Niko Black - Untouched
Lucie Idlout - Big Red Chair
Ulali - Mahk Jchi
Mary Louise Defender Wilson (story) - The World Never Ends
"Indigenous Women's Voices (from performance at USM 2/18/2000) - Boston Indian Council Song/Wey-Ha"
Mary Youngblood - Caress the Smile
Joy Harjo - The musician who became a Bear - A Tribute to Pepper
Wayquay - Sister's Keeper

Living Voices from Smithsonian/National Museum of the American Indian - Charlene Teters
Independent Native News for 3/01/04

February 23, 2004
On April 18th Sherman Alexie (Smoke Signals, Reservation Blues, Indian Killer)
will be at Colby College 7PM
Another show on April 19th at University of Maine, Orono

Storm Seymour - Grandma's Song
Sherman Alexie   & Jim Boyd - Sweetheart
Robbie Robertson - Making a Noise
Battle River - Little Shell
Gary Small - Lover's Anonymous
Troy DeRoche - Moon Childs Melody
Jeff Ball - Pictures of Home
Joanne Shenandoah - Dancing on Mother Earth
High Noon - Contest Song
Chester Knight & the Wind - Cold, Cold World
Joseph Bruchac (story) - How Poison Came To Be
Mike Trailwalker Wilson - Take the Walk of Freedom
Independent Native News 10 minutes
Spirit Wind - Sweet Water
Coalition - Sorry
George Leach - Take Your Time
Randy Wood - As I Walk Along
Jeff Ball - Concrete Canyon

February 16, 2004
"Jim Pepper" Special
DJ Valerie C. w/ Guest Zippy
(Originals & Tributes)
Tom Grant - The Water Spirits - The View From Here
Remembrance w/  Floy Pepper - Music of Jim Pepper
Caren Knight Pepper - Jim (poem) - Music of Jim Pepper
Jim Pepper - Legacy of the Flying Eagle - Music of Jim Pepper
Nana Simopoulos - New Moom - Wings & Air
Jim Pepper - Witchi Tai To - Pepper's Pow Wow
Pygmy Unit - OR - Signals From Earth
Everything is Everything - Everything is Everything (Pepper on Flute)
Ray & the Wolf Gang - Polar Bear Stomp
Jim Pepper - Malinyea - Comin' & Goin'
Sandy Hurvitz - I know the Sun
Jim Pepper & Caren Knight - Caddo Revival
Bob Moses - Slum Funk - Love Animal
Jim Pepper - Comin' & Goin' - Comin' & Goin'

February 9, 2004
Carlos Reynosa - Vision
Arigon Starr - Share the Road
Kyle Councilor - The Song of Love
Blackstone - From the 90's
Annie Humphrey - Storm
LaRae Wiley - Give Me a Minute
Gordon McGilvery - Round Dance songs
Gregg Howard (story) - How Deer Got Antlers
Georgie Jessup - Until I Dance
Papa John & Daniel - Peaceful Thoughts
Black Lodge - Back From Overseas
Independent Native News
David Sanipas - Mountain Voices
Annie Humphrey - Mothers Rain
Blackstone - Last Minute

February 2, 2004
Quiltman - Redwood Crow Hop
Andrew Vasquez - Spirit Mountain
Lake of the Woods Singers - Old Rockin' Chair
Francis Cree (story) - Nanaboshso & the Dancing Ducks
Jerry Alfred - Beware
Inca Sapi - Little Flower
Inkas Wasi - The flight of the Condor
Inca Son - Thank you to Life
Black Lodge - Contest Song
Eli Secody - American Warrior
Georgie Jessup - Until I Dance
Annie Humphrey - Edge of America
Joseph fire Crow - The Forty Nines
Sweet Medicine

Jamuary 26th, 2004
Brule' - Sky Offerings
Robert Mirabal - Eikos Shaman
Sacred Spirit II - May You Walk in Sunshine
John Trudell -
Shannon Thunderbird - Columbus Rant
The Atoll - End of Forever
Redd Nation - If Only
Corey Morin - Creation Story
Gregg Howard (story) - The Ruby Necklace
Thomas A. Mays/Red Raven Blue - Orirgami Dreams
Crowe Singers - All Shook Up
Independent Native News 15 mins.
Burning Sky - Blood and Faith
Jesse Red Horse & Bill Noble - Midnight Raid
Jeff Ball - Pictures of Home

January 19th, 2004
New Music

Annie Humphrey - They Found Her
Spirit of the Dawn - Turtle Song
Shannon Thunderbird & Jim Wellheiser -
I met a Man named Crazy Horse
Joseph Fire Crow - Ridgewalker
Annie Humphrey - Justice Hunters
Shannon Thunderbird - Good Red Road
Young Grey Horse - 8-Second Thunder
Burning Sky - Hand in Hand
Shannon Thunderbird (Intro. by Peter Kewley) - Nuna Kwah
Annie Humphrey - Doin' Time
Red Raven Blue - Missing you
15 minutes Independent Native News
Joseph M. Marshall III (story) -The Story of the Flute Maker
Stephen Standing Owl - Back to the Falls

January 12th, 2004
Substitute DJ - Jessica

January 5, 2004
New Music, New Year
"Happy New Year!"

Atoll - End of Forever
Corey Morin - Creation Story
Brent Michael Davids - soundtrack from Sherman Alexie's "Indian Killer"
Eagle and Hawk - I See Red
Northern Cree & Friends - Mountain Soul-Straight
Dave Holden & Pete DePoe - King Kong Pete
War Party - Feelin Reserved
Thomas A. Mays/Red Raven Blue - To the 8th Generation
Shouting Mountain - Boots to the Head
Red Earth - Phat Albert Jr.
Voice of Golden Eagle - Stranded
Clinton J. Miller - Price to Pay
Jesse Red Horse - Shadow Valley
Shouting Mountain - Shapeshifting
Coyote Zen - I'm Leaving

December 29, 2003
Top 10 for 2003
Joseph Fire Crow - Sweet Medicine
Rez Dogz - Old Skool Honor
Robert Mirabal - Dream of You
Wade Fernandez - Reservation Line
Burning sky - A Simple Man
Randy Wood - Round Dance Blues
Derek Miller - Heaven
R. Carlos Nakai - Fourth world-Rainbow World
Robert Mirabal - Days Before Christmas
Evren Ozan - Great Blue Sky
Burning sky - Wind & steel
Rez Dogz - Don't Be Skurred
Joseph M. Marshall III - The Story of the Eagle (Compassion)

December 22, 2003
Pre-recorded interview with John Trudell from Effective Records an Asitis Production

Coyote Zen - I'm Leaving
John Trudell Interview w/ songs from
"The Collection"
Track 3 - Look At Us/Peltier-AIM Song
Track 5 - Grafitti Man
Track 7 - Reckless Situations
Track 9 - But This Isn't El Salvador
Track 11 - Fables and Ohter Realities
Track 13 - Children of the Earth
Track 15 - Shaman(Make a Chant)
Track 17 - Tina smiled
Track 19 - Some People Say
Track 21 - The Dream

December 15th - Sub DJ Rick
Thank You!

December 1, 2003
New music with Pow Wow Drum Groups

Quiltman - Three Sisters
Jesse Red Horse - She Warrior
Battle River - Fish box
Tha' Tribe - Prarie Leggz
Jim Boyd & Kyo - T - My heart drops, but I am Proud
Evren Ozan - Prayer for the Past
Wade Fernandez - Black Gold
Black Lodge - Viet Nam - Desert Storm Song
Stephen Standing Owl - Night Flight
Burning Sky - Forever One
Shouting Mountain - Heal It All
Steadfast - 2AM
Rocking Horse - Lost My Way
High Noon - Honor Song

November 24, 2003
Featuring some of the * *Native American Music Award Winners!* *

Northern Cree - Gravy Boy
*Robert Mirabal - Indians, Indians
*Derek Miller - Someone Send an Angel Down
*Joanne Shenandoah - Deer Dance
Jesse Red Horse - Midnight Raid
Northern Cree - Bits & Pieces
*Pima Express - Voice upon the Wind
Burning Sky - Spirits in the Wind
*R. Carlos Nakai - Meditations
*Jim Boyd - Bush Fires
*Joseph Fire Crow - Legend of the Warrior
*Joseph M. Marshall Jr. - The Story of Brings the Deer
10 minutes Independent Native News
*Red Earth - Fly to the Sun
Shouting Mountain - Pole Shift

November 17, 2003
"Christian Influence on Native American Music"
Misplaced playlist!

November 10, 2003
Interview with Arigon Starr
(previously recorded)

Burning Sky - A Simple Man

The following artists were all nominated for a Native American Music Award for "Songwriter of the Year!"

Unami (Jim Beer) - Breath of the Earth
Wade Fernandez - Funky 49
Tonemah - Grace
Joseph Fire Crow - Cheyenne Man
Interview with Arigon Starr (30 mins.)
Arigon Starr - Mountain Windsong
    - November
               - Daddys Records
10 minutes Independent Native News

Ending music by:
Burning Sky - Wisdom's Keeper
              - Season's End

November 3rd, 2003
Interview with Pete DePoe
(previously recorded)

Wade Fernandez - Lullaby Chant &
Before Tomorrow
Robert Tree Cody & Hovia Edwards - Divine Peace
River Cree - For the Gurlz
Jim Boyd & Kyo-T - Same Old door
David Little Elk - The Turtle Who Wanted To Fly
Jesse Red Horse - Aboriginal Voices
Wade Fernandez - Funky 49
Redbone - Come and Get Your Love
- One More Time
-Witch Queen of New Orleans
-Message From A Drum
Blackstone - Around the Horn
Mike Trailwalker Wilson - Frybread Boogie
15 minutes Independent Native News

October 27th, 2003
Events at the Abbe Museum
"Spirit of the Rug" - Adopt-A-Native Elder

Gen Huitt - Money
Clinton J. Miller - My Skin Is Red
Mike Trailwalker Wilson - Flight of the Eagle
Black Lodge Singers - Oh Shucks
Clinton Miller - Rez Dog
Mike Trailwalker Wilson - The Gathering Song
Wade Fernandez - Rez Runner
Clinton Miller - Price to Pay
Black Lodge Singers - Please, Please
Felipe Rose - Trail of Tears
Evren Ozan - As Things should Be
Wade Fernandez - Before Tomorrows Today
Northern Cree - Forever
Clinton Miller - Rise
AFN Report from Independent Native News
Evren Ozan - Twilight

October 20th, 2003

This week is WMPG Begathon -
Fundraising Event
Visit the website or call in your pledge!

Robert Mirabal - Indians Indians
Storm Seymour - Livin On Indian Time (AKA Tulsa Time)
Evren Ozan - Great Blue Sky
Redbone - Lay A Little Lovin On Me
Evan Lee - Answer
Young Bird - Soul Sistas
Kevin Locke - Its Hard To Be An Indian
Derek Miller - Lovesick Blues
Mary Youngblood - Laugh With Me
Northern Cree - Its In The Bag
Chester Knight - Strange How It Is

Thank You Everyone who supports WMPG's fundraiser.  I would like to thank
Arbor Records (Canada) & SilverWave Records, for donations for this event.
Thank you to all my listeners (& pledgers)
for your phone calls & emails!

October 13th, 2003 - "Re-Thinking Columbus"
Please read  "Rethinking Columbus - The Next 500 Years"
Visit the Transform Columbus Day Alliance

Annie Humphrey - 500 Years
Vince Two Eagles - American Holocaust
Lucie Idlot - E5-770 (My Mother's name)
Laughing Woamn & Eagles Wings - Reservation
John Trudell - Fables and Other Realities
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Priest of the Golden Bull
John Trudell - Certain Things Just Got To Be Looked At
Floyd Westerman - Red, White and Black
John Trudell - They're Minig Us
Blackfire - One Nation Under
Floyd Westerman - Missionaries
Natay - Institutionalized
Joy Harjo - Remember
Murray Porter - 1492 - Who Found Who?
John Trudell - What Happened To The Tribes Of Europe?
Jeff Ball - Out of the DarknessJ
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