July 2002- August 2003
  Opening Theme By: 
Stephen Standing Owl - Journey

10:30am - 12:00 (noon)

August 4th, 2003

Eastern Eagle Singers - Kwan-Do-Daey
Robert Tree Cody & Hovia Edwards - Maze
George Leach - Take Your Time
Murray Porter - Last Stand
The Redhouse Family - Urban Indian
Indian Nation - Indian & Proud of It
Robert Tree Cody & Hovia Edwards - Divine Peace
Arigon Starr - Troubled Man
Jim Beer & the River - Too Much
Spirit Wind - Sweet Water
Northern Cree - Heartland Special
Quiltman - Mountain
Inca Sapi

July 28th, 2003

Spirit of the Dawn - Greeting Song
Joy Harjo - Morning Song
Howard Lyons - Oldman Red
Battle River - Grass Dance
Arigon Starr - Indian Land Forever
Joanne Shenandoah -
Georgie Jessup - Good Day to Die
Spirit Wind -
Sharon Burch - We are Here
Jay Begaye - Hush My Darling
Evran Ozan - Soaring

Independent Native News 20 minutes

Ending song:

Evran Ozan Moonlit Forest

July 21st, 2003

Spirit Wind - Sooner or Later
Spirit of the Dawn - Freedom Song
Jim Boyd - Storyman
Quiltman - Choosh
Ulali - Friend in Need
No Reservations - Road is So Long
Tha Tribe - Yesterday
Karen Theree - Have Mercy
Robert Mirabal - Eikos Shaman
R. Carlos Nakai - Whippoorwill
Unami' - #5
Inca Sapi - #3 Malku
Hearts of Nations - Bone Game
Inca Sapi - #4
Hearts of Nations - #6
Inca Sapi - #5

June 23rd, 2003

Black Lodge - Blackfeet Flag Song
Hawk Project - Listen to the Children
Unami - All the Water Gives
Spirit Wind - Maybe
Northern Cree - Jingle Dress Song
Burning Sky - Road Less Travelled
Gen Huitt - Making Money
Spirit Wind - It's Up To You
Unami - Cigarette
Roger Cultee - Wounded Knee
Standing Owl - Magnolia Gift
Ulali - Rattle Songs
Black Stone - Fancy Dance

Thank you to Canyon Records for re-releasing the old cassettes (Pow Wow recordings) on CD's! AND for providing us with them!

June 16th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.

Storm Seymour - Spirit of the Wind,
Iroquois Social Song & Living on Indian Time
Branscombe Richmond - Frankenstein &
I Just Want to Be Free
Joseph M. Marshall III - The story of Brings the Deer
Broken Walls - The River of Life
Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani - 4 Peyote Songs
Unami (formally Jim Beer & The River) - Breath of the Earth
Spirit Wind - Rose-Colored Morning
Broken Walls - Clearly Hear His Voice
Joseph Firecrow - A Far Cry


Stephen Standing Owl - Relection

June 9th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.

Bill Miller - I Believe
Ulali - Power of Harden-Bratt
Quiltman - The Parting Song
Red Earth - Life in Babylon
Artist Spotlight from "Wisdom of the Elders" - Jim Boyd and Sherman Alexie
Eastern Eagle Singers - Hardcore
Robert Mirabal - Morrison
Chester Knight - Cochise Was a Warrrior
River Cree - Just for You
David Sanipas - Biography & Mic Mac Prayer
Chester Knight - Strange How It Is
Robert Mirabal - Dream of You
Joy Harjo - Woman Hanging From the 13th Floor
Chester Knight - Spirit Journey
David Sanipas - Track 9 & 10

June 2nd, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Special Guest - Stephen "Standing Owl"

May 26th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.

Young Bird - Fancy Dance
Robbie Robertson - Coyote Dance
Mary Youngblood - Walk With Me
Ulali -  Friend in Need
Laughing Woman & Eagle's Wings - One Day the Eagle Will Come
Young Bird - Intertribal
Mary Youngblood - Beneath the Raven Moon
Robbie Robertson - Unbound
Joseph M. Marshall III - Keep Going
AIM Baby - Critic
Joy Harjo - Fear Song
Robert Mirabal - Indians Indians
Red Earth - Key of Pain
Red Earth - Red Delicious
Robert Mirabal - Shine

Independent Native News

Ulali - Mahk Jchi

Thank you Lorenzo for filling in for me while on vacation for 2 weeks!

April 28th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.

Ulali - All our Relations; Mother & Heartbeat Drum Song
Gen Huitt - The Wolf
Inca Son - Thank you to Life
Coalition - Time
Rocking Horse - Half-Life
Derek Miller - Into the Storm
Joseph M. Marshall III - The Story of No Moccasins
Tony Redhouse - Traveling Home
Stephen Standing Owl - Reflection
15 minutes Independent Native News
Retreat (Traditional Drum Song)

The next 2 Mondays I will be on vacation. Lorenzo will be filing in for me and I am sure he will do an interesting show!  I hope to bring back some great new music from the Dartmouth Pow Wow!

April 21st, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
WMPG "Begathon" (fundraiser)

Joseph M. Marshall III - The Story of the Eagle
Mary Youngblood - Walk w/ Me
Northern Cree - Swhips
Charles Fyant - Sometimes you gotta let go
Tonemah - Grace
Coalition - Promise
Arigon Starr - Share the Road
Mary Youngblood - And We Shall Dance
Bill Miller - The Art of Survival
Derek Miller - Wheels on fire

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

April 14th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Interview with Tony Redhouse

Spirit Wind - Ancient Wisdom
Tony Palmer & the Breeds - Life 'N Times
Joseph Fire Crow - A Far Cry
1/2 hour interview w/ Tony Redhouse
Tony Redhouse - Journey to the Four Directions (1/2 hour music piece)

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

April 7th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
New Month - New Music!

Inca Son - Whisper
Northern Cree - Bits and Pieces
AIM Baby - Critic
Laughing Woman & Eagle's Wings - Eagle Feather Touch the Ground
Roger Cultee - Rez Boogie
Jonelle Romero (Redhawk) - Thunder in the River
Jim Boyd - Bush Fires

Independent Native News - Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

Northern Cree - Short and Sweet
Laughing Woman & Eagles Wings - Wewauchemis
Minkillers - Honor Song
Storm Seymour - Livin' on Indian Time
Rocking Horse -
Storm Seymour - Flight of White Swan
Branscombe Richmond - A little Help from My Friends
Star Nayea - Fly to you.

March 31st, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Ending up the month of
"All Women"

Joy Harjo - Remember
Janice-Marie - Until the Eagle Falls
Martha Redbone - Free
Indigenous Women's Voices - Women's Chant
Arigon Starrr - We Danced On
Ulali - Heartbeat Drum Song

Independent Native News

Radmilla Cody - America the Beautiful
Joanne Shenandoah - One Real American
Annie Humphrey - DNA
Lucie Idlout - Freedom
Pura' Fe - Roots/Find the Cost of Freedom
Hearts of the Nations/Aboriginal Women's Voices - Travelling Song
Sherry Marquelle - Safe at Last
Susan Aglukark - Amazing Grace
Wayquay - Amber Waves
Niko Black - Apple Pie

March 24th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Phone Interview w/ Gen Huitt

All the following songs by Gen Huitt:
Best Damn Dancer
Inkpa Ta
Cedar Tree (In German)
U R the only 1 4 Me
Making Money
The Wolf
Indian Pony
Joy Harjo - Morning Song
Woman Hanging From the 13th Floor
Fear Song

March 17th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Special Guests:
Jim Messerschmidt - author of "The Trial of Leonard Peltier" & USM Proffessor.
Candice Grey - Peltier event coordinator
Music by female artists doing songs about Leonard Peltier.

March 10th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Special Guests:
Running Water & Nightfeather

Music featured from CD's:

Hearts of the Nations - Aboriginal Women's Voices in the Studio 1997
Indigenous Women's Voices 2000 (Live recordings from concert at USM, Gorham, Maine)
Heartbeat 2 - More Voices of First Nations Women

March 3rd, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Kick off March "Month of Women"!
All Women - All Month

Mary Youngblood - Children's Dance
LaRae Wiley - White Noise
Delphine Tsinajinnie - Butterfly Lullaby
Joanne Shenandoah - In Love
Buffy Sainte-Marie - He's a Pretty Good Man
Sherry Marquelle - Takin' Back My Heart
Star Nayea - Down To Love
Native Stranger - Time After Time
Sharon Burch - Corn Pollen Boy

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Arigon Starr - Man without a Tribe
Ulali - Rattle Songs
Buffy Sainte-Marie - My Own Way
LaRae Wiley - Spider
Annie Humphrey - The Heron Smiled
Mary Louise Defender Wilson - Story - The Dakotah have had Horses for a long Time
The Mankillers - Honor Song
Karen Therese - Traditional Medley
Niko Black - Across
Sherry Marquelle - Safe at Last
Yolanda Martinez - Sisters
Marthat Redbone - Sasparilla

February 24th, 2003
DJ Paul Diou (sub)
Thanks Paul!

February 17th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
"Songs of Love & Lost Love"

Annie Humphrey - Much Sense
John Trudell - What He'd Done
Russell Means - I Love You, I Love You
Bill Miller - I could fall all over & over again
Joanne Shenandoah - When Eyes Meet
Keith Bear - Mandan Heartbreak Song

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Gary Small - Lover's Anonymous
Robert Mirabal - Courtship Song
Natay - Sympathy of Love
Wayne Lavallee - Lust
Georgie Jessup - You're the One
John Trudell - Across My Heart
William Horncloud, Frank Afraid of Horses & Ben Sitting Up - Lakota Love Song
David Litle Elk & Samia - Love Hurts
Cherokee Rose - Desire

February 10th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
"Jim Pepper Special"
(Thanks to Zippy for his help!)

Song & Album

Enlightment (Carmarque)
Goin' Down To Muskogee (Remembrance)
Sentimental Walk (West End Ave.)
Indian Water (Art of the Duo)

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Ski Jumping Blues (Flying Eagle Live @ New Morning - Paris 1989
Dakota Song (Dakota Song)
Hide & Go Seek (Jack of Clubs w/ Paul Motian 1984)
Ticket to Tokyo (Art of the Duo)
Love Chant for a Lakota Lady (Remebrance)
Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice - The Musician who became a Bear:tribute to Pepper - (Heartbeat 2:Voices of First Nations Women)
Visons of a Native American; Remebrance; Four Winds

January 27th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
Interview with Tony Rosales from
"All Requests"

Coalition - Cry
         Highway 64
Interview w/ Tony Rosales (Coalition)
More music by Coalition - One More Day

Bill Miller - Geronimo's Cadillac
Robbie Robertson - Ghost Dance
John Trudell - Johnny & Joe
Chester Knight & the Wind - See the Indian
Indian Nation - Peltier Freedom Now
Joy Harjo - She Had Some Horses
Jim Beer & the River - The Forks
Darlene & Tammy - Is There Anybody Our There
Annie Humphrey - Falling Down & Falling Apart
Gary Small - 30 Days of Rent

January 20th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
"Traditional Flair"

Joanne Shenandoah - Kahawi'tha
Keith Bear - Mandan Welcome/Warrior Return song
Spirit of the Dawn - Traveling Song
Bill Stevens (Gwitch'in - Alaska) - Eagle Island Blues
David Sanipass - Bio & Woodpecker Story
Quiltman - Choose
Joanne Shenandoah/Lawrence Laughing - You are My Friend
Bertha Little Coyote - "In the Sweet By & By
Primeaux & Mike - Standing All Alone
Radmilla Cody w/ Herman Cody - Song  Dance Romance
Robert Mirabal - Eikos Shaman
Hawk Henries - Carrying the Flute
Gregg Howard(story) - Pleiades & the Pine Tree
Evran Ozan & Mac Ritchie - Untitled
Rez Dogz - Intertribal
Judy Trejo - Stick Song

January 13th, 2003
DJ Valerie C.
"Rewind in Time"

Jim Pepper - Witchi Tai To
John Trudell - Rockin' the Rez
A. Paul Ortega - Chicago
XIT - At Peace

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

John Trudell - Fables and Other Realities
Buddy Red Bow - Run Indian Run
Sharon Burch w/ A. Paul Ortega - Mother Earth
A. Paul Ortega - What is an Indian?
A Paul Ortega - Handshake
Buffy Sainte-Marie - My Country 'Tis of the People Your Dying
Floyd Westerman - Di Ni Shna
Redbone - Message From a Drum
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Incest Song

January 6th, 2003
DJ Valerie C
New Music for the New Year!

Stephen Standing Owl - track #1
Joseph Fire Crow w/ Joseph Marshall - Legend of the Warrior/Keep Going
Roger Cultee - C.B.
Micki Free - Purple or Black
Indigenous - Feel All Right Now
Gen Huitt - Wind Di-Yah Ho
Rez Dogz - Old Skool Honor
Georgie Jessup - The Love That I Come From

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Coalition - Shelter
Lucie Idlout - I Should Go
Arvel Bird - Snowy Owl
George Leach - Making Love
Martha Redbone - Superman & Cinderella
Lisa LaRue & John Timothy - Lighthorse
Janice Marie - Matter of Fact
Roger Cultee - Peristroika (B.I.A. Song)
& I Need You

December 30th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
My Favorite Picks For 2002

Stephen Standing Owl - Journey
Medicine Dream - Thousands of Years of Love
Young Grey Horse - Hit N Run
Jeff Ball - Prarie Runner
Arigo Starr - November
Gene Tagaban - Childhood Friends
Indigenous - Need Some Sleep
Rez Dogz - Gordon's Song
Bill Miller - I Believe
George Leach - Sand in the Wind
Georgie Jessup - The Bottom of the Bottle
Martha Redbone - Free
Evan Lee - Don't Judge Me
Niko Black - Untouched
Lucie Idlout - E5-770, My Mothers Name
Coalition - Promise
Micki Free - Wounded Knee
Gen Huitt - Best Damn Dancer

December 16th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
"Christian Influence on Native American Music
Thank you to CPR Music Group for providing new music for this special! Please visit thier web site for a great variety of Christian Native Artists!

R. Carlos Nakai - Amazing Grace
Broken Walls - Clearly Hear His Voice
Bill Miller - I See the Lord
Johnny Curtis - Oh Bless That Wonderful Name
Murphy Platero & Hidden Manna - I've Got It
Cherokee National Youth Choir - The Future of the Cherokee Nation & Meeting of the Christians
Evan Lee - Let the Healing Begin
Keith Bear - Walking On Water
Bill Miller - All Creatures of Our Lord and King
Eagle Heart (story) - Holy Spring
Broken Walls - The River of Life
Creeactive Harmony - I Saw The Light
Johnny Curtis - No One Cares for Me
Evan Lee - Don't Judge Me
Broken Walls - Song to the Creator
Johnny Curtis - Use Me One More Time
Marlena - Take My Hand
Larry Emerson & skyward - Thank you Lord
Johnny Curtis - Sweet Comfort
Evan Lee - Answer
Broken Walls - Honor Song

December 9th,2002
DJ Valerie C.

Coalition - Shelter
Coalition - Falling
Martha Redbone - Perfect Life
No Reservations - Coming Home, Winter Sky
Annie Humphrey - I Can Hear you
Southern Cree - Strutter
Chester Knight & the Wind - Cold, Cold, World
John Trudell - All Night Cafe
Jesse Red Horse - Hope of a Nation
Gourd Woman - (story) Coyote's Den Hill
Jim Beer & The River - Petokoah
Quiltman - Walk w/ Me 49
Coalition - Cry
Karen Therese - Truth Can't Hide
Jeff Ball - Coyote Canyon
LaRae Wiley - Give Me a Minute
Annie Humphrey w/ John Trudell - Spirit Horses
Arvel Bird - Wanblee (Eagle)
Peter Himmelman - The Night is Strong (from the soundtrack - "The Business of Fancydancing")

December 2nd - Jesse Red Horse "LIVE"

November 26th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Bill Miller Special
* Sorry Bill Miller had to cancel interview at last moment - We will re-schedule
Featured CD - "The Business of Fancydancing" (soundtrack)

Bill Miller - Geronimo's Cadillac
- Reservation Road
- Dreams of Wounded Knee
-River of Time
- The Last Stand
- Praises
- Melissa

From the Soundtrack - "The Business of Fancydancing"-
Michelle St. John & Gene Tagaban - Goodbye Mouse
BC Smith - Homoerotic Interracial Love Thingee
Brent Michael Davids - Indidental Music
Gene Tagaban - Childhood Friends
PaceMaker & AquaVelvet - Fess Up
Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg - Der Song
Jim Boyd - My Heart Drops, But I am Proud
Jim Boyd & Alfonso Kolb - Time-Time-Time
John sirois - Grass Dance Song
Michelle St. John & Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg - Osinilshatin

November 18th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
New music & featured artist
"Bill Miller"
(interview w/ Bill next Monday the 25th @ 11:30am)
OOPS! forgot theme music this week!
Evren Ozan & Mac Ritchey - Untitled (Live)
Medicine Dream - Missing You
Bill Miller - Rain Down Your Love
Bill Miller - Eagle Must Fly Free
Joseph Bruchac (story) - How People Hunted Moose - Cree
Brian Akipa - Through the Rain
Bill Miller - My People
Claude McKenzie - Innu Town

Independent Native News

Native Roots - Frybread
Micki Free - Purple or Black
The Hookers (featuring Pete DePoe from "Redbone") -The Chosen Few
Bill Miller - Father
Bill Miller - Raven in the Snow
Indigenous - Need Some Sleep
Burning Sky - Journey Home

November 11th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Photos from todays show!
Guests: Evran Ozan & Mac Ritchey

Sorry Folks - I did not write down my playlist!
Although, I had featured CD's and I will list them instead.

Arvel Bird - Animal Totems
Lisa LaRue & John Timothy - That Ole' Sofkee Spoon
Spoken Word from "Seekers of Truth - The Veterans' Sangha" from August 2002, Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts FMI: Meg O'Shaughnessy or call (970)-527-4987
Stephen Standing Owl - Nightflight
Evran Ozan & Fifth Sun - Images of Winter

Thank you Evran, Mac and Faith (a.k.a. Mom) for visiting us. Please visit Evran & Mac's web sites!

November 4th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Bill Miller - The Art of Survival
Derek Miller - Chief's Son
Medicine Dream - Missing You
Lisa LaRue and John Timothy - That Ole Sofkee Spoon
Burning Sky - Dog Soldiers
Northern Wind Singers - Rod Crow Hop

Independent Native News

Derek Miller - Falling Off the Edge of the World
Arigon Starr - I'll Be Around
Arvel Bird - Red Tail Hawk
Lisa LaRue & John Timothy - All I Survey
Voice of Golen Eagle - Open My eyes
Burning Sky - Little Wing
Micki Free - Waterfall
Arigon Starr - #11
Voice of Golden Eagle - Cherokee at Sugar Creek
Martha Redbone - Perfect Life
Arvel Bird - Polar Bear

October 28th
DJ Valerie C.
Bill Miller - I Believe
Medicine Dream - Gabriels Lake
Howard Lyons - Spirit Walk
Joanne Shenandoah - Path of Beauty
Lawrence Laughing - I Wish You Peace
Mary Louise Defender-Wilson - Story -
"Why The Fawn Has Spots"
David Sanipass - Spirit Walk
Primeaux & Mike - #20
John Trudell - Undercurrents

Spoken Word read by Nighshade:

"Why Coyote Did Not Want To Create the People" by: Peter Blue Cloud
"Me Feeding Sasquatch" by: Ssipsis

Robert Mirabal - Navajo Fires

Independent Native News 10 minutes

Clan/Destine - Hummingbird
Samantha Rainbow - Breathe
Nicole - Rez Road
Bill Miller - Never Too Far
John Trudell - Nothing in Her Eyes

October 21st, 2002
"Casinos in Maine"
DJ: Valerie C.
Guest interviewer:
Nightshade Wolfstone-Francis
Guest: Mayor Donna Dion (Biddeford)
Music Playlist:
Bill Miller - You are the Rain
Spirit of the Dawn - White Sky
Burning Sky - Spirits in the Wind
Bill Miller - The Road Home
Spirit of the Dawn - Traveling Song

Rez Dogs - Fast and Furious
Bill Miller - Prayers for Truth
PSA - Breast Cancer
Howard Lyons - Weyo Ho
Jesse Red Horse - Thunder Lance
Medicine Dream - Time Immemorial

October 14th - 2002
"Columbus Day???!!!"
Re-broadcast of some materials with news updates of protests this weekend!
For More info.:
Transform Columbus Day
Reading Materials:
"American Holocaust: Columbus & the Conquest of the New World"- by: David E. Stannard
"Lies My Teacher Told Me" - by: James W. Loewen

October 7th, 2002
"Columbus Day??!!" Special
Wayquay - 1492
XIT - Beginning w/ Without Reservation mix
Bruce Cockburn - Stolen Land
The Goats - You Gotta Ride the Boat
Buffy Sainte-Marie - The Priests of the Golden Bull
City Kids - Turn the Boat Around
XIT - The Coming of the Whiteman

Independent Native News

Bill Means & Harlan Makosato talk about Columbus Day - Previous programming from Native America Calling
Vince Two Eagles - American Holocaust
Spoken Word by Nightshade w/ music
Joy Harjo - A Postcolonial Tale

September 30th, 2002
Children's Special
NEW TIME - 11:00am-12:30pm
Mary Philbrook - MicMac Lullaby
Black Lodge Singers - Flintstones
Bill Miller - Faith of a Child
Bill Miller - Orphan Child
Joanne Shenandoah - several tracks from "All Spirits Sing" - including a Friendship song
Black Lodge Singers - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
PSA by Jim Boyd - Music & Youth
Indian Chipmunks
Turtle Story - told by Nightshade Wolfstone-Francis
Evran Ozan -
Wade Fernandez - Baby Wade

September 23rd, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Co-Host Nightshade
"It's All Mixed Up!" (Part 2)

Micki Free - Waterfall
VOGE - Long White Road for a Red Red Heart
Blackfire - One Nation Under
Robby Bee - Intro.
Lunar Drive - Great Traditional word
Lunar Drive - Bees & Bugs
Interview w/ Janice-Marie & Robert Tree Cody - Until the Eagle Cries
Martha Redbone -Cinderella
Niko Black - Across (should work by 9/30)
Niko Black - Untouched
Georgie Jessup - We are Related
John Trudell - Many Realities
Joy Harjo - Fear Poem
Spoken Word - Nightshade; background music by Stephen Standing Owl - Reflection & Night Flight(The Owl & the Mouse)
John Trudell - Rich Man's War
Niko Black - Change
Cherokee National Children's Choir - On the Road Where They Cried

September 16th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Guest: Nightshade (Spoken Word)
"It's All Mixed Up!" (Part 1)

Brule' - Colour Nature Gone
Robbie Robertson - Unbound
Joy Harjo - Horses
Arigon Starr - Snaggin'
Red Thunder - Sacred Circle

Independent Native News

Tom Bee - I fought the Law
Indian Nation - Ain't No Sunshine
Spoken Word - Nightshade w/ background music from Red Tail Chasing Hawk
Martha Redbone - Underdog
Wayquay - Blue Dew
Lucie Idlout - Big Red Chair
Niko Black - Across
Wayquay - Prophecy Walk
Spoken Word
New Breed - Redman's Rage

September 9th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.
Guest: Nightshade (spoken word & flute performance)

Radmilla Cody - America the Beautiful
Arigon Starr - Keep On Living
Young Bird - Canyon Records Song
Jeff Ball - Winds of Change (background music for spoken word)
Dennis Banks - Still Strong

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Keith Bear, Gary Stroutsos, Nellie Youpee - (w/ spoken word)
Medicine Dream - People of the Dawn
No Reservations - Who Will See Us
Radmilla Cody - The Return Home
Jesse Red Horse - Eagle Sky
Jim Pepper - Remebrance

Maine Native Prison Project - Richard's words

Spirit of the Dawn - Freedom Song
"Why Skunk has a Black body with white stripes" - Live story telling by Nightshade
Spoken Word and Flute piece by Nightshade
Medicine Dream - Missing You
Jim Boyd - One Day in America

September 2nd, 2002
"Traditional Flair"
DJ Valerie C.

Bill Miller - Reservation Road
Howard Lyons - Yahne Yah Ho
Spirit of the Dawn - Greeting Song
Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing - All My Relations
Radmilla Cody - The Return Home
Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing - Hunting

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Sharon Burch - Trail of Life
Andrew Vasquez - Spirit Mountain
Rez DogZ - Old Skool Honor
David Sanipass - Biography & The MicMac Prayer
Indigenous Women's Voices - Wey Ha Song
Bill Miller - Praises
Living Voices - "Haunani Apoliona"
Dennis Banks - Sacred Run Song
Kevin Locke - Lakota Prayer
Primeaux & Mike - Hear Our Prayer
Aboriginal Women's Voices in the Studio 1997 - Myma-Deer Song
Chesley Goseyun Wilson - I'll Go With You
Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing - Prophecy Song

August 26th, 2002
DJ Valerie C. w/ guest Nightshade

Murielle Hamilton - Naturally Native
George Leach - Just Where I'm At
No Reservations - Nagagamasis
Tha' Tribe - Shu-money
Lucie Idlout - E5-770 My Mothers Name
Georgie Jessup - Let Us Be

Independent Native News - 10 minutes
PSA by Jim Boyd - Positive Change

Bill Miller - I Believe
John Trudell - Hanging From the Cross
Aboriginal Womens's Voices in the Studio - Indian Summer
Jeff Ball - White Man's Moccasins
Living Voices - "Barbara Sutteer"
Rez Dogz - Fast and Furious
Darlene Whispering Songbird & Tammy Two Feathers Five Owls - Is there Anybody Out There?
John Trudell - Nothing in Her Eyes
Martha Redbone - Free

August 19th, 2002
DJ Valerie C

A. Paul Ortega - Chicago
Bill Miller - The Last Stand
John Trudell - Voices Catching Up
A. Paul Ortega - Stomp Dance

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Rez Dogz - Don't Be Scurred (LIVE from Litchfield Pow Wow, this past weekend!)
Derek Miller - Someone Send an Angel Down
Star Nayea - If I Want To
Nadjiwan - Chosen Words
Terry Strongheart Band - Heal the Nations
Living Voices - "Linda Hogan"
A. Paul Ortega - After the 49 (w/ Joanne Shenandoah)
Jim Boyd - Spoken Word
A. Paul Otega - To those Who Dream (w/ JS)
Ulali - All Our Relations
Geraldine Barney - Glitter Nights

August 12th, 2002
DJ Valerie C.

Bill Miller - Love Sustained
John Trudell - Rockin' the Res
Bill Miller - Reservation Road
R. Carlos Nakai - Little Dog
Indian Nation - Peltier Freedom Now
Ulali - Ancestor Song

Independent Native News - 15 minutes

Ulai - Mother
Tha' Tribe - The Acorn Slide
W. Todd Fulcher - Edge of a Dream
Darlene & Tammy - Memul
Living Voices - Dolly spencer
Martha Redbone - House on the Moon
Samantha Rainbow - Free
John Trudell - All Night Cafe
Keith Secola - Talk About You
Groundkeepers - Tombstone

August 5th, 2002
Substitute DJ - Val D.

July 29th, 2002
DJ - Valerie C.

Opening song by Stephen Standing Owl - Journey
Norman/Kramer - Kee Ta Kee Ta
Bill Miller - Prayers fro Truth
Indigenous Womaen's Voices - Wey Ha Song
Sherry Marquelle - You can't have it anymore
Indigenous - Talk to me baby
Bill Miller - 1st Dream
Howard Lyons - Elders Honor Song
Spirit of the Dawn - Mosquito Song
Qua Ti Si - Long Blue Man
Jim Boyd - Love & Trust
Darryl Tonemah - Next in Line
Blackstone Old Time'n Man
Living Voices - L. Frank
Arigon Starr - California Indians
Niko Black - Please
Red Thunder - Little Brother
Bill Miller - Underneath the Blue Sky

July 22, 2002
DJ - Valerie C.

Opening Song by Stephen Standing Owl - "Journey"
Darlene & Tammy - "Is There Anybody Out There?"
Qua Ti Si - It's A Good Day To Die
George Leach - Sand In The Wind
Bill Miller - The Promise
David Sanipass - Ghost Song

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Arigon Starr - NDN Man
Bill Miller - Sun dog
Spirit of the Dawn - Turtle Song
Janice-Marie - Hiatus of the Heart

Living Voices - Calvin Standing Bear

John Trudell - Sorry Love
Martha Redbone - Underdog
Arigon Starr - Edith Keeler Must Die
Bill Miller - I Believe
John Trudell - Ever Get the Blues?

July 15th, 2002
DJ - Valerie C.

Opening Song by Stephen Standing Owl - "Journey"
Bill Miller - You are the Rain
Sherry Marquelle - Takin' Back My Heart
Arigon Starr - Share the Road
Qua Ti Si - Visons & Dreams

Independent Native News - 10 minutes

Bill Miller - Prayers for Truth
Qua Ti Si - Spirit of the Wind
LaRae Wiley - Kelly Hill
George Leach - Indian Blues
Frank Montano - Commodity Blues
Red Raven Blues - A Redder Shade of the Blues
Indigenous- Eagle Heart
Bill Miller - Face the Blues
Sherry Marquelle - Feelin' About You
Arigon Starr - November

ARCHIVES (Previous to 2002)

Echoes in the Wind
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Portland, ME 04104-9300

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