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danny Monday, 9/2/02, 4:29 AM
i would love to listen to your music how and where can i hear it? i heard jesse red horse this summer and closing my eyes i stood in a clearing bathed in sunlight hearing the stillness and cacophony of nature simultaneously all around me. I smelled the richness of trees i was so alive and in love, thank him and his flute sound. danny
From: massachusetts
Rick Bender Saturday, 7/27/02, 5:09 AM
a few months ago you did a couple intervies w/ my father Richard Bender, just in case you were wondering were the name bender sounded familier. feel free to e-mail me any time you'd like.
From: maine
WhiteHorse Thursday, 7/18/02, 11:49 PM
Osiyo (Greetings!) My Name Is WhiteHorseAnd after traveling through your web site, I'd like to invite you to visit SmokeSignals Village We Are: ~ An American Indian and Artist Community ~ Where American Indian (Mixed or Full Bloods) and non- American Indian alike can meet. To help pass the Wisdom and Knowledge You have acquired along Your Journey and Teach those of Us who have a Strong Desire to Seek all Knowledge about their American Indian Ancestry. If you sincerely have a " Genuine Interest " about Sharing, then come along and join in the Experience as I also begin to Unlock the Many Doors of My Cherokee Heritage and Our Little Village
From: CA
Web Site: SmokeSignals Village
Merri Friday, 7/12/02, 9:31 PM
From: Indiana
Joanna Horton Thursday, 6/20/02, 7:49 PM
I am very excited that you exist. I am going to stay for several months at Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and your show makes me so very excited and inspired, as a person who has not known anything about Native music/culture before. Thank you.
From: Maine
Corey Allison Tuesday, 6/18/02, 2:04 PM
Hello Everyone! Greetings from the SouthWest! I hope all is well around the land. Has anyone heard of Ecliptic Gruv? Yes? No? Tomorrow the bells will sing a new song. The future will roll in tired and bloodshot from yesterdays nightout. The sights will reveal a truth, the evolution of music... Sing the Hey Yah heys, pray for rain and the liquidy pain will soon join the sunset. Pow-beats..Pow- beats..tom toms in my sleep, the feather clad Sioux in a pendleton struts before John Wayne puts a bullet in his war bonnet...reinvent new ending/beginning!...*silence* Check out our upcoming release VOLUME 2! Watch out for our next upcoming show during Indian Market in September! Visit for more info, join or mailing list, and sample the music! "Unlock your Creativity," Corey Allison Vocals/Guitar <ECLiPTiC GRuV>Abq.NM.USA
From: Albuquerque, NM USA
Web Site: Ecliptic Gruv
White Wolf Saturday, 6/15/02, 4:34 PM
From: New York State
dee L. Sunday, 5/19/02, 12:28 AM
From: california
Web Site: Art of Hiddencryz
The Ancient One Monday, 5/13/02, 11:32 AM
wonderful site. i wish you great success. peace.
From: Canada
Web Site: The Ancient One
bill keyser Monday, 4/29/02, 3:24 PM
From: easton pa.
Karon Newton Sunday, 4/14/02, 5:55 PM
It's always good to find another Indian radio station. It is good you support the GON, as do we. Thank you for keeping our people informed over the airwaves.
From: Mesquite, Texas
Web Site: Winds that Whisper
Eli Hunt Thursday, 4/11/02, 6:53 PM
From: The Americas
Linda Steiger Thursday, 4/11/02, 11:14 AM
always looking for new native sites
From: South Dakota
Ann Sunday, 3/31/02, 12:56 PM
I have found the site very rewarding.Keep up the great work.
From: Florida
Web Site: wildcat_32446
BERNELLA DELAMORA Friday, 3/29/02, 8:29 AM
Wanda Shackelton. Tuesday, 3/26/02, 11:27 AM
Rumor has it that Red Horse is about to release another tape ....when...when...when? You know him, can't you get the inside scoop for all of us waiting? And when is he coming back on the show, we miss his wild native point of view. I will meet him someday I bet he is a lot of fun! Well Thanks for keeping it all native! Wanda Shackelton.
From: Townsend, MA.
Web Site: none
Anne Yellow Flower Monday, 3/25/02, 2:08 PM
Greetings, I heard your broadcast (the all female artists show) for the first time today and it's just great! We need more of you, and your show. Thanks for being there . . . Anne
From: Montana
Web Site: The Heyoka - "Lakota 2001 Suite"
Ritchie Walking Raven Mommers Monday, 2/25/02, 10:02 AM
working Monday I have not had time to pull up and listen to your show. Wish you had the power to make it up here with just radio, but the internet worked fine. Great show. Good commentary....good new music. Will be back for sure! Maybe they will let you expand to more days aweek. Peace love and light. Walking Raven from above the bog
From: Brownfield
LaRae Wiley Monday, 2/11/02, 9:29 PM
Hi Valerie. I'm a Native musician out of the Pacific Northwest. I'm a neighbor of Jim Boyd's and used to sing and play keyboard in his band, Rez Bound. I've just released a second solo album that I'd like to send your way. Talk to you soon. L
From: Chewelah, Washington
Web Site: LaRae Wiley
Rick Seltman Thursday, 2/7/02, 12:21 PM
Were are all the Warrior's? There doesn't seem to be a tight group around here in my state. The europeans run the show at all POW WOW's.
From: Florida
Robert Monday, 2/4/02, 9:15 AM
great show
From: Biddeford
Web Site: none
MURLE RICHOTTE Friday, 2/1/02, 12:11 AM
Sandy Wassashee Friday, 1/25/02, 11:44 AM
I realy like that guy Redhorse you have had on when is he coming back, you have a great show and I listen to it when ever I can, keep the spirit of native people alive for that is your gift, aho!
From: OHIO
Web Site: none
J. Brooks Thursday, 1/24/02, 3:46 PM
Glad to find you. Does your program air in Denver?
From: Denver, CO
Connie Short Tree Sunday, 12/30/01, 7:15 AM
I just loved the mp3 files of Mr.Redhorses. What a great sound that comes from his spirit. I will be checking in often to find out when he will be back, I went to his site and learned a lot about him "great site". Your web site is a God send to all native people. My people are also of the Northern Piegan and we are proud to call Redhorse our people, we hope he will visit Texas and do a concert. I was from the Milk River area (Blackfeet Rez) where the Redhorses came from.
From: Texas
Web Site: don't have one?
E-mail: sorry none public.
Jessie Metz Wednesday, 12/26/01, 1:58 AM
Hello Valerie, Haven't got the chance to listen to "Echoes in the wind" yet, but I hope I can do so next Monday! I'm a white European woman, 36 years of age, but eversince the age of 10 I'm a strong supporter of Native American issues. I have my own homepage now which is dedicated to an Ojibwe inmate named Joel Ritchie, his case is one of the many sad sad cases of injustice. Not only injustice of the American Legal system, but part of the ongoing genocide against the First Nations people!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Holland, Europe
Web Site: Justice for Joe
WHITE FIRE REED Wednesday, 12/19/01, 1:03 PM
Dear "Echoes in the Wind Show" I would like to say that you guys have a great website and keep up the good work! I would also like to thank you the ones who emailed me ans asked me if, we have any Recordings of our Music. We will send you a tape that you can Air on your Show. We are Independent Band from Canada and Not Signed to any Labels. We are looking for label to sign us and we have been in the business for abour 13 years now. Take care and nice website!!!!! Sincerely, "White Fire Reed." Gary Johnston-Lead Vocals,Guitar,and Keyboards. Mike Johnston-Lead Guitar,Roland G Synthesizers, and Ebow. Email Email
Web Site: White Fire Reed-Native Rock/Alternative Band from Canada.
Isaac Shainblum Wednesday, 11/28/01, 2:29 PM
From: Portland, Me (WMPG)
rita ackley Tuesday, 11/6/01, 11:51 PM
From: illnoise
Web Site: lovejesus55
Chanting Owl Tuesday, 11/6/01, 6:46 AM
Val, I just want to thank you again for being able to come and sing for your listeners. I had a great time and I hope you liked our show. You make things go so smoothly for us and keep the nerves away!!!! If you ever may need anything from me let me know. After all the kinds words and support you have given us, I would not hesitate to help you out however I can! Again - thank you! You are wonderful! Chanting Owl
From: NH
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Carol A. Savanh Sunday, 10/28/01, 10:08 AM
I really surprised that their things like this to read about out their on the internet!But also thankful this issue is being taken more seriously! I'm tired of still hearing that Columbus Day here is still be celebrated for no reasons!I would like to see that this issue gets taken care of? I and My Father and other relatives marched at the capitol building down town back in Denver with Russel Means and other marchers!It waws the best protesting I had ever been too!
From: Denver,Colorado
Jesse Red Horse & Co. Sunday, 10/28/01, 6:50 AM
Well Val, It's time again for us to invade your radio station and see what new sounds we can send out to your great and loyal listeners, I wish to thank all of them who have stopped by our site to request songs and to wish as well, it is the supporters of native music that keep it alive, and we are grateful to all. P.S. Get ready for something realy different. We love ya Val, Jesse & Linda Red Horse & Co.
From: White Mountains of NH.
Web Site: Home of Red Horse
Stu & Chey Friday, 8/24/01, 11:21 AM
From: Winnipeg, MB
Web Site: Blackthunder Productions
Bonnie Stevens Saturday, 8/18/01, 8:12 PM
Great show by Mr. Red Horse, this is the 2nd time I've heard him,,,,very cool...nice site!
From: AZ.
Sherry Winslow Thursday, 8/16/01, 8:13 PM
I found your station on internet radio and listened in on Aug 6, 2001 what a nice program, I go to powwows when I can and have heard native flute players before but the man you had on Jesse and his group were just unbelievable, please let us know when he will be back on. Please let him know that he and his people are the best I've heard ever. Thanks, Sherry.
From: Oakland CA.
Web Site: don't have one
E-mail: using a friends.
David Curren Thursday, 8/16/01, 4:01 PM
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the great Indian music that you have on. I love it when you have on Jesse Redhorse he is very interesting and talented, you can tell he is a good friend of yours. I like the song he does about the bears. I will stop by his site to see where I can hear him play live, I know you said where over the radio but I forgot...BUT I did jot down his web address. Great programing!
From: Bidderford Maine
Web Site: don't have one
Fran Warren Thursday, 8/16/01, 3:56 PM
We tuned in for Red Horses show and were amazed by the whole thing, The man is great and his spots on wmpg are never boring! My whole family was here for a family gathering and you could hear a pin drop for the duration of that show! Your show is just wonderful, keep up the great line ups and we can't wait for the Spring to hear what Red Horse will do next. From the Warren Clan (all 24 of us!)
From: Portland ME.
E-mail: private